YouBiss, one of the leading business sites online is here to offer you a lifetime healing to the pertinent disease of financial challenges and unemployment status. This is a registered Blog that was established to listen and give the solution to raging business loss in Africa, and promote financial literacy all over Africa most especially Nigeria. YouBiss is a Nigerian base registered site with the mission to regulate and moderate the state’s economy. This will reflect on the daily monetary activities of the public, who are keen to make up something good in life; well! We all struggle for this.

Why YouBiss

YouBiss is a coined name meaning “your business”. It was created in 2018 by three patriots, who were moved by the unsatisfied economy condition of Nigeria. People need good mentor and knowledge to engage in legit businesses, the one that will ascertain their financial well-being. But this has been restricted from them and in another way instills the cultural habit of always waiting for an opportunity to come (or let me say unexpected goodwill occurrence). Most are now stoic and hoping solely in hopeless days to come. YouBiss is here to give you the chance to expand and elevate your hope till your prayers are answered. YouBiss will also bring your customer (s) from all corners especially at your location (here we plan to promote your trades directly to people from your same environment, location or even outside).

Our mission

The world of today has given us all one ideology which is to survive on our own. With all provided opportunity for our needs still there are growths in starvation and poverty around us every day, and the all-time issue of finance keeps growing unfortunate for the people.  Though it is true that human wants is unlimited but yet it is also true that Human choice is unlimited. Opportunity will stop for you only when you limit your choice.  So YouBiss is here to create an opportunity for every individual to promote their choice and enlighten the world more on how to maintain a good financial segment. These are lists of mandates of YouBiss…

Business promotion:

We notice the rate at which people are engaging in various businesses today while we also notice the fear of entrepreneurship in some people. Some wonder on how to start and some on how to promote it. Now YouBiss is the answer, we have created the site to help others who have made a good choice, as we take what they offer to the higher ground where it could fetch them good capital in the end. So YouBiss is here to help you promote your business at anywhere to anywhere in the world, as we create the part for you to advertise your products and make a faster sale out of normal sale bound, till your small shop becomes a standard firm.

Business ideas:

This is a major priority that is our mandate to give the public genuine business ideas and new innovation (s). Our mandate is to make you the Dangote of yourself as we pull out different business ideas for you to see, read, think and make an action on. We have an expert business consultant here who are ready to motivate and lead you to your destination with good active support.

Unemployment status:

This is a gross and tremendous situation that has served as one of the reasons behind the formation of YouBiss. Around us today we all know how people (especially graduates) are suffering in the name of unemployment, how its protest has taken almost all quota of the world. But someone or something must rise to approach this revolution. So this is where YouBiss comes in again to help find means for you to get a job or get a business as we offer you ideas and seek out for job’s opportunity around.

Financial challenges:

Everybody wants to have a good house, everybody wants to buy the latest cars in town, have a good job and live a good life. But all have been jeopardized and retard due to challenges which always emanate from lack of financial stability. But YouBiss is no ordinary site that will write and write for you and never give you answer to the challenges you want to put a stop to. We issue out matters that will help you monitor your financial challenges and also provide for you professional consultants who are ready to help you face the battle of financial literacy.

Education and information:

We also want to offer you a series of entertainment that focuses on exploring you in the world. Though YouBiss is not a school but we will provide you faculty of knowledge about things in the world. As we open your vision to more illuminating areas and events in the world and provide you the all-rounder information about anything you wish to explore on.


Finally, agriculture which is one of the fastest growing business in the world especially Africa; should be a good source of income for the people. Today estimation in agriculture released a low rate statistics on youth participation in it. Many see it as a dirty business or not fast profiting. But all are fallacies because agriculture is one of the most unique natural provisions. The one God has given us to have dominion on and exercises it till it pays. So YouBiss offers you ideas to start your own agriculture and also help you sell it out by reaching out to firms that are indeed of what you have.

YouBiss categories

Business ideas:

We are at alert to feed you always with standout articles that are educative enough to liberate you on the theory of demand and supply. Here we guide you through the nooks and crannies of any business of your choice, and also expose you to plans and basic strategies to a lucrative business that will help you earn more.


Here we display the world market to you, innovation, technology, and activities in the World Bank and market. The purpose of this is to bring the world trades closer to you, so as to inform you things that will help foster your business and stabilize your financial expenses.


We give you feedbacks on day to day commercial occurrences around you and the world. Here we update news on businesses and commercial feature story. This is in place for you, so as to open the way for you to stand out and know what going around the commercial atmosphere, and in the end, give you the correct insight to your enterprise and government commercial policy.


This category will give you the best experience of the world greatest places and beautiful site across. It will educate you and make you explore around the mysteries of nature. In YouBiss we believe that the best way to elaborate or practice the realness of education is to explore more (that knows more about what’s going on around the world) which is the most essential part of education. There are articles here for you that will show you how it feels to know many amazing things or places in the world; as it provides you with fascinating images that are portrayed by interesting dictions. YouBiss helps you to travel across the world while you are still sitting on your chair at home.

Our aims and objective

Unite all capitalist.

This is one predominate purpose behind the creation of YouBiss; we aspire to bring together our people (all farmers and Traders) in one accord. Allow the route to cooperate together in Africa to achieve a well-developed state. Because only a developed state we affect it, citizen, positively. So we tend to unite every business may it be a small firm or big firm, connect ourselves together to encourage and promote our sales. That is why we are ready to connect you to the necessary market that you can interact with or sell out to. So we are urging you to come here and advertise your businesses to the world for free. (We only have charges for banner’s spaces on our blog)

Guide to financial literacy

One of the flaw or catastrophe confronting us in Africa especially Nigeria today is the lack of financial education. Which is the knowledge to apply in our routine monetary activities? The way you buy and sell should have a good schedule and scheme so as to regulate miscellaneous spending, but instead, attain maximum profit for you in your business (s). We noticed that the average people do not know much the worth of self-enterprise or business.

They instead go for minor businesses just to feed their needs for the time being. This same time spends extravagantly without considering risk or emergency that consumes money unexpectedly. Also, we survey that many of the youths who are willing to engage in some businesses are afraid to do so because of the fear to start a business with urge capital and some other fears. So YouBiss is aiming to help our members get a clearer idea of monetary system and policy. We are the best and most trustworthy to choose because we have a standby costumer’s service policy, that is there to attend to all your requirements.

Path to employment

Promoting the path to employment, whether self-employment or industrial. We want to bring every big firm nearer to farmers and Traders so that they will find it easier to negotiate with them at all cost. That is, we are the third tiers in the business scheme to bring larger businesses or firms nearer to the smaller businesses or firms. By doing this we believe at least some needs will be met in the society and especially the needs for employment. That is why you have to visit the site to read beneficial SEO articles that will skyrocket your purchase in all.

Our team

Popoola Ademola E, Graduate in mass communication at the Polytechnic Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria. Currently, he is a capitalist of at least two firms. He is a creative writer with a series of works. But specialize in SEO writing majorly online and offline. He is here to motivate you on how to choose a good choice in life because only a well-being status in the society can attract good living and life in the whole. He is also an advertising agency, a freelance journalist corresponding to one of the award-winning journalist “Kemi Busari” of one of the best news and magazine organization “Premium Time”. Ademola is best known for his uniqueness in poem writings, inspirational quotes, and speech. He is recently purchasing his masters’ degree and aspires to be one of the leading lecturer, counselor, and activist in this century.

Raji Asimiyu Kayode, a business initiator, and goal executor. He is a graduate of Sociology from the university Ilorin. A sophisticated businessman, creative artist (majorly in graphic designing). The CEO of Abeni creative art and Design.

Bhadmus Najeeb. O, a graduate of the University of Ilorin from the Department of Industrial Chemistry. He performs a rigorous role in online businesses till date (The CEO of Updates), and own some other businesses most especially offline. He was a freelancer during his University days, an article writer, online counselor, and blogs administrator. Currently, he owns a computer software and hardware training firm. So if you need an expert in computer operating or an online business consultant, he is ready to show you the way to achieve your dream.